Tammo Mueller

Managing Director

Tammo Mueller is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and digital transformation expert with over 20 years of industry experience.

As Co-Founder and Managing Director of Quantiva, he leads a team dedicated to helping clients optimize their business processes, maximize their productivity, and accelerate their path to their next major inflection points. Tammo's ability to envision and implement technologies that enable fundamental shifts has earned him recognition as a thought leader whose insights are sought out by a broad range of business leaders. Accordingly, he also serves as a business and technology advisor to multiple ventures.

Tammo drives value for early-stage and enterprise clients by guiding them through business and product life cycles; from strategy formation to final implementation and market socialization. His expertise lies in reimagining processes and platforms to maximize efficiency, ensure compliance, and deliver ROI.

Before Quantiva, Tammo founded AI-driven content discovery and curation platform THEM Digital (acquired), online product engagement measurement service Scientificly (acquired), and co-founded pay-for-performance cause marketing platform, Charitable Checkout.

His early career involved collaborations with prestigious institutions such as Siemens, Harvard Medical School, MIT, and NCI in Princeton.  At Siemens Healthcare's Image and Knowledge Management division, Tammo played a pivotal role in improving patient outcomes through personalized medicine, utilizing advanced technologies like image analysis, machine learning, NLP, and statistical models.