Tammo Mueller

Managing Director

Tammo Mueller is a successful serial-entrepreneur, machine-learning and blockchain expert with more than 15 years of industry experience helping clients across verticals in maximizing productivity and revenue by leveraging technology to optimize business processes.

Early in his career, Tammo worked alongside researchers from Siemens, Harvard Medical School, MIT and NCI in Princeton to design systems to manage and analyze genetic datasets to discover biological pathways. He also worked at Siemens Healthcare’s Image and Knowledge management division to improve patient outcome through personalized medicine.

Tammo built a company in Gurgaon, India and served as CTO for Charitable Checkout where he worked with brands such as Hurley and Logitech, media companies such as HGTV and Viacom, as well as celebrities like Shakira. He currently focuses on the intersection of artificial intelligence and blockchain and serves as business and technology advisor to multiple companies.