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How our clients are beating the competition

We use data to inform every decision we make, from product & service development to process optimization, and problem solving in general.

This data-centric approach allows us to move quickly and confidently, always knowing that we are making the best possible decisions for our clients.

We work with you to understand your unique business needs, and then we tailor our approach to get the best possible results. Our focus is always on delivering an impact on your bottom line.

Here are just a few examples of the great results we have achieved for our clients.
“No matter the size of your business or stage of your project, let us connect to see if we can accelerate your journey.”

Case Studies

E-Commerce App for Stores, including pickup and delivery mechanisms

Rapid deployment of E-Commerce App (PWA, iOS, Android)


Leafbuyer Technologies

Client Challenge
  • Offer Online Ordering App to their Store clients
  • Ability for Store clients to white label the application and provide their own inventory
  • Facilitate pre-order, pickup and delivery
  • Highly regulated environment
Our Solution
  • Create React native base application
  • Deployable as Progressive Web App (PWA), iOS and Android application
  • Ability to quickly configure look & feel of applications and deploy to app stores for clients
  • Ability to restrict inventory based on geolocation
  • Ability to rapidly adapt to changing regulatory environment
  • Low maintenance, single code base supporting 3 platforms
  • Progressive Web App not constrained by app store rules
70% increase in revenue and profitability

Custom multi-channel messaging and loyalty platform


LB Media Group

Client Challenge
  • Need to immediately compete in a highly regulated market
  • Support many tenants and send millions of text messages on an ongoing basis
  • Incorporate different billing models based on an internal credits system
  • Ability to segment millions of users based on their purchases and behaviors
  • Tablets need to run custom app for in-store purchases and redemption
Our Solution
  • Cloud-based micro-service  architecture to allow for dynamic scaling of message dispatcher
  • State-of-the are analytics and data-segmentation
  • Secure tablet application with real-time update support and white-labeling capabilities
  • Iterative deployment model
  • Ability to quickly gain market-share and grow revenue
  • Rapidly respond to customer input and increase satisfaction
FDA 510k clearance within months

AI powered Software as a Medical Device (SAMD)


UPenn / Quantaras

Client Challenge
  • Prototype code of an AI to auto-contour organs at risk
  • Need to obtain FDA 510k clearance
Our Solution
  • Supported creation of quality system
  • Established algorithm change protocol to allow compliance with FDA regulation
  • Architected & implemented compliant, auto-scalable system in the cloud
  • Reduced operating costs by 66%
  • Obtained FDA 510k clearance
  • Ability to operate test, demo and production environments at manageable cost.
From 4 days to 2 hours in processing time

Distressed assets analytics and decision support

  • National real-estate investment fund
Client Challenge
  • Large manual effort to identify and assess opportunities
  • Low data quality
Our Solution
  • Data pipeline restructuring
  • Leverage AI to discover and assess
  • Real-time dashboard to accelerate decision-making
  • Improved data-driven decision making
  • Increased regulatory compliance due to single source of truth
74% increase in effectiveness

Cloud solution for KYV (Know Your Vendor)

  • Leading fraud prevention platform
Client Challenge
  • Current solution not market-ready
  • Fraudsters interact directly with unwitting employees
Our Solution
  • Find anomalies in among millions of financial transactions
  • Enable business leaders to define their own rules
  • Integrate solution seamlessly into Microsoft Outlook 365
  • First in market vendor fraud prevention solution
34% increase in Target Addressable Market (TAM)

Fleet intelligence

  • Global energy company
Client Challenge
  • Low data quality in Salesforce
  • Highly dynamic environment
Our Solution
  • Data normalization and augmentation
  • Cloud-based predictive analytics
  • TAM increased by $1.2B / year
  • Automated lead generation
Understand changes to budgets and schedules in real-time

Budget & Schedule Forecasting

  • Major Hollywood Studios
Client Challenge
  • Production estimation knowledge is fragmented
  • Uncontrollable events impact schedules and make planning time-consuming and expensive
Our Solution
  • System that learns from past productions and budgets
  • Ability to generate new schedules optimizing for cost and resource availability

  • Cost savings
  • Increased Agility