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Quantiva’s level-headed approach to achieving clients’ objectives is rooted in its team’s deep knowledge of foundational and cutting edge technologies and business principles together with extensive direct experience in many major industry verticals. 

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Leafbuyer mobile application
Leafbuyer mobile application

Leafbuyer Technologies, Inc.

Commerce & Loyalty


For retail and commerce ventures of all types, valuable repeat business is achieved through understanding customers’ preferences and positive engagement. Our social analytics Business Intelligence expertise enables us to conceive and answer complex questions regarding real-time engagement profiles of target customers. For instance, we have leveraged AI, machine learning and image recognition to analyze millions of social media posts and distill otherwise unavailable insights. We also utilize blockchain and other technologies to build messaging and loyalty rewards platforms optimized for the needs of multi-unit retail chains.


For Leafbuyer, we built a marketing messaging and loyalty program platforms for utilizing blockchain technologies to power the implementation of trustless, distributed applications tailored to the needs of a broad range their retail clients and consumers. The platform currently supports millions of dispensary customers, hundreds of thousands of messaging campaigns, millions in retail transactions and many thousands of redeemed loyalty rewards.

Leafbuyer mobile application
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“The professionals at Quantiva have been an integral part of our success. In just a few short months we were able to finish application development and multi-center clinical evaluation, both of which were essential components to our regulatory submission to the FDA.”

Steve Owens

COO, Quantitative Radiology Solutions.

”Quantiva™ enabled us to rapidly design and deploy a fully custom multi-channel messaging and loyalty program for our network of independent and multi-unit cannabis dispensaries. Now, they’re helping to integrate technology from our latest acquisition and implement game-changing blockchain elements.”

Michael Goerner

CTO, LeafBuyer Technologies

“The Quantiva™ team worked closely with us to tailor their technical effort to our business needs. The result of their work was the TruExchange distressed real estate assets research platform that offers our investor clients the ability to inform buy/sell decisions with data and visualize and manage their holdings.”

Ryan DeMent

Managing Partner, TruVest

“Quantiva™ has brought its deep industry expertise, rigorous analytical capabilities, and a pragmatic mindset to help solve our most complex business problems.”

Veerendra Virkar

Manager, Data and Research, Strategic Insight

The Quantiva Approach
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You can trust our unique process which achieves demonstrable impact via Immersive InnovationTM.


1. Innovation

To achieve and maintain market leadership, businesses need to be able to see around corners. Quantiva™ creates near- and long-term strategies for clients to stay ahead of marketplace disruption.


2. Immersion

Our consultants and engineers are collaborative, personable, and entrepreneurial. We integrate with your team to gain deep insight into your operational and strategic potential. Then we co-create innovative tailor-made solutions to achieve your objectives.


3. Impact

Your Bottom Line, Is Our Bottom Line: Throughout our combined years of working with both entrepreneurial ventures and Fortune 500 firms, we have established a proven process to identify inefficiencies and increase business value. We know what counts: Giving you the ability, and the agility to adapt, lead markets, and consistently outperform expectations.

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Do you maintain deep hands-on experience with Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, IoT and other, related, emerging technologies?  Are you driven to think out-of-the box to consistently deliver insightful and elegant technical solutions to a broad array of business problems?  If so, we’d like to hear from you.